NCEW Recap: A Loan Programs Office Armchair Discussion

As part of the final day of National Clean Energy Week 2023, Director Jigar Shah of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO) sat down with David Boyce, CEO of Schroders Greencoat, for an armchair discussion moderated by William Atcheson, an ESG & Sustainability Strategist at Jefferies.

The armchair discussion highlighted the work that LPO is doing, how it can increase efficiency and accelerate the disbursement of funds and how it can assist the private market in deploying and commercializing new clean energy technologies.  

“We’re embarking on something quite bold and transformative here, and I think it’s the right place, the right time. We have all these technologies that, frankly, we invented in the last 45 years at the Department of Energy, whose time has come. People really need to see these technologies get commercialized,” Shah said. The Loan Programs Office gives confidence to innovators trying to solve the energy problems facing the United States and the world today by providing them with the resources needed to address those problems.   

By working with multiple projects and technologies, LPO embraces the idea that creating a cleaner energy future will require an all-of-the-above approach.

“The key takeaway is that the energy transition, as we all think of it, is not just one or two things; there’s no magic technology out there or a couple of things we can do. The reality is that it will take many different things people are doing,” Boyce said.  

Watch the full discussion here. To see other panels from National Clean Energy Week, like and subscribe on YouTube.      

CRES Forum is the lead convener and a proud sponsor of National Clean Energy Week. 

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