Microsoft and Occidental’s Collaboration: Celebrating a Landmark Agreement in Carbon Capture 

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum is celebrating the recent announcement from Microsoft and Occidental Petroleum highlighting the largest direct air capture (DAC) agreement to date!  Microsoft has agreed to purchase 500,000 metric tons of carbon credits from Occidental’s Stratos plant in Texas. 

By investing in DAC, Microsoft aims to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and advance toward its ambitious goal of becoming carbon negative by 2030. Meanwhile, Occidental continues to demonstrate leadership in scaling and commercializing carbon capture technologies. With over 8 million tons of carbon removal credits already purchased, Microsoft continues to be a leader in the growing carbon removal industry. 

The potential benefits of DAC are immense. The technologies use giant fans to extract CO2 directly from the atmosphere and have the potential to play a crucial role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.  

CRES Forum applauds this significant milestone, which rewards American innovation and will ensure the United States remains a leader in emissions reduction.  

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