Clean Energy Hub Partnership Strengthens U.S. Energy Leadership  

ESS, Inc., a global manufacturer of long-duration energy storage systems headquartered outside Portland, OR, has partnered with LEAG, a German energy provider, to develop a clean energy hub for Germany. 

The project will utilize ESS’ American-designed and manufactured iron flow battery system to help transform a coal-dependent region in Germany into a renewable powerhouse.  

LEAG is a leading operator of coal-generation, but the company is currently working to develop renewable generation, energy storage, and green hydrogen production that will result in a net-zero baseload energy system. When paired with ESS’ innovative long-duration energy storage technology, the pair can deliver clean, reliable energy while creating economic opportunity for local economies. 

CRES supports projects that encourage U.S. companies like ESS, Inc. to export clean energy technologies to our allied countries and strengthen our global energy leadership — this project serves as a model for what opportunities are possible. The first phase is expected to be operational by 2027— this is huge news for clean energy advocates around the world!  

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