Mapping the Future of Clean Energy Investments 

The Clean Economy Tracker, developed by Utah State University and Atlas Public Policy, is a game-changer for policy wonks, clean energy advocates and citizens seeking to monitor the impact of the most recent investments in clean energy projects. It provides a comprehensive look at public and private clean energy investments across the United States. 

Key features of the Clean Economy Tracker include: 

  • Investment and Job Creation Tracking: The Clean Economy Tracker offers detailed information on investments and jobs in clean energy and clean technology manufacturing. This includes a wide range of technologies such as critical mineral production and processing, solar and wind energy, hydrogen fuels, transmission projects and more. 
  • Real-Time Data: By providing real-time data, the Clean Economy Tracker ensures that users have access to the most current information on the clean economy. The visualization of the data is crucial for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the clean energy sector.  

The Wall Street Journal called the Clean Economy Tracker, “a visual guide to where and when new U.S. manufacturing and mining is ramping up.” The article also highlighted that while projects are popping up across the country, 76 percent of investment is in Republican districts. Conservative states and districts typically have more business-friendly environments, including streamlined permitting processes, that support free-market innovation and development – a point CRES has been making all along. 

The Clean Economy Tracker is a vital tool for policymakers, investors and businesses to make informed decisions about the future of a clean economy, and we look forward to continuing to watch it grow.  

Learn more about the Clean Economy Tracker here.  

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