Corporate Partnerships

CRES & CRES Forum Corporate Partnership Program 

For the past decade, CRES and CRES Forum have worked to revolutionize the way Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate support American clean energy development and policies to reduce global emissions that cause climate change. 

Our work has resulted in the creation of a unique, comprehensive engagement program that educates federal legislators and staff about effective policies to reduce global emissions. To build on our success and increase our effectiveness, we seek corporate partners to support and complement our educational and advocacy work. 


For the first time, there is a Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives that recognizes reducing global emissions is a necessity.  

  • Congressional Republicans are clear about their desire to legislate in a way that balances the U.S. energy and economic interests while protecting the environment.  
  • The 70+ member House Conservative Climate Caucus offers a new opportunity to engage a wide range of Republicans from across the country.  
  • Continuing to engage Republicans today has a lasting impact, especially with the critical 2024 elections on the horizon.  


CRES, a 501c(4), and CRES Forum, a 501c(3), offer high-quality programming to educate and engage congressional members and staff. Our Corporate Partners Program is intended to be flexible so we can offer partnerships with CRES, CRES Forum, or both. 

Policymaker Engagement: Opportunities to educate conservative policy leaders and staff on the array of solutions that could be advanced and moving them to measurable action.  

Legislative Updates: Providing partners regular updates and intelligence on relevant legislative activity, CRES testimony (c4 only).  

Convening Allies & Influencers: Coordinating with aligned groups and building a coalition to advance our shared priorities.  

Research & Polling: Providing messaging and issue research. 

Communication & Education: Directed towards conservative communicators and staff through CRES/CRES Forum communications channels and media engagement.  

Thought Leadership: Offering partners opportunities to demonstrate leadership through CRES/CRES Forum communication channels and events.  

Amplification: Good news should travel fast, and it will by using CRES/CRES Forum communications channels. 

Please contact our External Relations team ([email protected]) to discuss partnership opportunities. 

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