Dominion Energy’s Offshore Wind Project Will Strengthen Resilience, Reliability for Coastal Virginia 

Dominion Energy recently received major federal approvals needed to continue development on its new 2.6-gigawatt Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project (CVOW). Once completed in 2026, it will be the largest offshore wind farm in the United States, powering 660,000 homes.  

The CVOW will consist of 176 turbines and cover nearly 113,000 acres off the coast of Virginia Beach. Initial construction began November 2023. The construction alone of this project will provide more than 1,000 local jobs to the community. 

“Virginia is leading the way for offshore wind as we near the start of offshore construction for Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind,” said Bob Blue, Dominion Energy’s chair, president, and chief executive officer. “These regulatory approvals keep CVOW on time and on budget as we focus on our mission of providing customers with reliable, affordable and increasingly clean energy.” 

Dominion’s CVOW significantly contributes to their larger mission to provide reliable, affordable and cleaner energy to customers.  

The American Clean Power Association (ACP), a leading voice in the clean tech industry, celebrated Dominion Energy’s announcement. ACP Vice President for Offshore Wind Anne Reynolds said, “This project demonstrates what offshore wind development can deliver onshore by attracting new investments in communities, building domestic supply chains, and revitalizing domestic ports. Additionally, CVOW will enhance the resilience and reliability of Virginia’s electric grid, ensuring a more secure and stable energy supply for residents and businesses while also improving local air quality.” 

 To learn more, read the full Dominion Energy statement HERE

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