CRES Academy Recap: Transmision 101

CRES Forum hosted our fourth CRES Academy of 2024, and it was electrifying! The event, “Transmission 101: Moving Electricity from Point A to Point B,” provided a comprehensive examination of the U.S. transmission system, including its significance to the nation’s energy infrastructure, operational processes, challenges and future opportunities. 

The United States’ transmission system is a complex network that works 24/7 to reliably and affordably get electricity to where it needs to be. Attendees gained insights into the elements that make up the transmission system and received an overview of the electricity supply chain, from generating facilities and transmission and distribution infrastructure to end users. 

Welcoming remarks were provided by CRES Vice President of Policy and Advocacy Christina Baworowsky and the panel was moderated by CRES Forum Senior Policy Fellow Marty Hall. The panel featured Founder and President of Grid Strategies LLC Rob Gramlich, American Electric Power Director of Government Affairs Jake McCurdy and Duke Energy Managing Director of Federal Affairs William Sauer. Each provided unique business and technology perspectives on advancing our transmission capabilities. 

The discussion delved into the critical role of the federal government in overcoming challenges to building out robust transmission infrastructure, including regulatory barriers and the industry’s ability to keep up with new clean energy resources being connected to the grid. The conclusion? In order to modernize the grid and foster an environment conducive to innovation and growth, we must get the government out of the way. 

The mission of CRES Academy is to educate junior-level Republican congressional staff about the hottest topics in the clean energy and climate space. Transmission definitely fits the bill, and CRES Forum will continue to develop the next generation of experts who can deliver commonsense solutions. 

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