CRES Academy: Clean Energy Generation 101 

The first 2024 session of CRES Academy kicked off with a presentation focused on the basics of clean energy generation. The educational event, which included insights from CRES Forum Vice President of Policy and Research Richard Campbell and CRES Forum Senior Policy fellows Marty Hall and George David Banks, was an opportunity for congressional staff to gain better insight into how the United States leads the rest of the globe in clean energy generation and carbon emissions reduction.  

Throughout the presentation, the speakers emphasized conservative priorities that are key to strengthening America’s energy leadership: reliability, affordability, domestic security and innovation. Not only have these priorities resulted in the displacement of dirtier energy production globally, but they also increase America’s competitive edge.  

The event, which had over 40 congressional staffers in attendance, also looked at the growing use of clean energy sources across the U.S. – like renewables and hydrogen – and how the increased deployment of nuclear energy will help meet future energy demand and climate goals.  

CRES Academy aims to educate Republican staff in the U.S. House and Senate about conservative clean energy and climate priorities, as well as the progress Republicans have made to address climate change, energy, resilience and conservation challenges. By cultivating the next generation of congressional clean energy experts, CRES Forum can ensure this progress continues. 

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